The Future Meets the Old Pueblo...

A new way to practice law....

Stephen Portell has been called a "throw back lawyer" who reminds judges of trial attorneys from the 1960s and 1970s, but he is committed to making the practice of law cutting edge and responsive to client needs.  This gallery gives you a peek at how we are leading the way...

Electronic Records

"The Cloud" is a nice idea, but it can't be the only answer to a truly paperless practice.  Portell Law uses a proprietary system of redundancies that ensure that client files are not simply stored in commercially-available software and data warehouses.  If you visit the office, you will get to see some of the technologies we use to stay ahead of natural disasters and data security threats. 

Virtual Practice

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, big firms would claim to have systems in place to allow telework for all of their employees.  Some claims were true.  Some were...not so true.

At Portell Law, every mission-critical system has both cloud-based and local host servers.  All systems and communications use state-of-the-art encryption.  We worked seamlessly with experts and attorneys around the country years before it was mandated due to public health concerns.  

Off the Grid

A custom solar array system, Portell Law is designed to work completely off grid 24/7/365 in the event of power failures.  The system works automatically and can respond to power fluctuations within 5 milliseconds.  

Even the lighting systems are "green".  The firm utilizes low-energy LED lighting that produces more light than conventional lighting fixtures.  The system can react to ambient lighting and reduce power consumption depending on the time of day, outside temperatures and state of the solar array output.


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