Our New Home…

I promised a virtual law firm and cloud-based systems.  I am proud to say those systems went live on July 1, 2017.  The firm is off and running with ten new complex litigation clients.  All are direct referrals for attorneys, judges and law enforcement officers.  We are in the process of starting five new lawsuits throughout the State of Arizona–cases ranging from medical malpractice, legal malpractice and business torts.  It’s gratifying to have this level of trust and success in just a few short days.

But what about being a VIRTUAL law firm, you ask?  You know: a place that really isn’t a “place”.  Not a bad dream…

Still, it’s nice to have a safe, comfortable place for clients to come enjoy a cup of coffee, share documents (before they are scanned) and develop strategy for their cases.  The new firm’s home is your home.  Confidentiality?  You bet.  Central location?  It’s only two miles to the courts.  And for clients who hate the hassle of parking downtown or in huge lots, we have the easiest and safest parking you will find.

Take a peek inside…

We have implemented the latest Yealink T46G cloud-based phones with full integration into Office 365.  We have client portals for each case, so you can receive and share information on a daily basis.  We use a firm management system that fully integrates into our accounting software–an advantage to clients, because the work being done on your case is clearly laid out for you, and we track every penny.

All of the furniture was made by me from the detritus of my old law firm’s oak law library shelving and steel from Industrial Metal Supply.  Head over to the firm’s Facebook page to view some amusing time lapse videos of the building and fabricating.


My personal office space is filled with the latest water-cooled computer systems and extended Microsoft displays for preparing clients for depositions and reviewing evidence.  If you look around, you might see evidence from a past case: pieces of motorcycles and cars recycled into places for us to sit and work together.

And if we need to collaborate with our out-of-state experts and attorneys, we can use our state-of-the-art teleconferencing equipment to get things done.

When the weather is below 115 degrees, we can always break bread and relax in the courtyard.

When you show up, you press the magic Ring device, and we bring you inside the Fortress of Solitude.

In the photos, you will see clear white pine beams from Mount Lemmon.  The property was built in 1937 as a doctor’s office, so the materials used were either brought down from the mountains or–like the Santa Barbara clay roofing tiles and double-brick walls–made in Mexico and imported before there was any thought of walls or fences.  In fact, the entire property was open on all sides at that time, so the residents could ride their horses into town.  It was considered “the country”.  Now, it’s central Tucson, and it’s home.

Welcome, my friends.


Portell Law, P.C. – Since July 1, 2017